First Season Race on iRacing

Tonight marks the inaugural race at Race2Play on iRacing. We will be racing at Charlotte one of the toughest places to start at with the Cup car. The race will be broadcasted as well over on iPro Race TV. I am looking forward to this race and hope that everyone has enough seat time and knows what they are doing.

Check out the race over at

Look for me in the #3 Maximum Performance PC/ InsideSimRacing car.

Save by a Teammate

Something doesn’t look right here.

Something doesn’t look right here.

How did I manage to impale my car on the inside wall at Charlotte? 

How did I manage to impale my car on the inside wall at Charlotte? 

Testing in iRacing

I must say this is the most fun I have had in a while. Just getting use to it and I am already having a blast.


Well I’ve been watching a lot of iRacing videos on YouTube lately. The more I watch the more I want it. Maybe this summer when I get another job or when I get my loan refund I’ll get it.

Testing tonight.

Well I race in a league on using the rFactor’s VHR Mod (Nascar). I was testing tonight at Infineon Raceway with a friend/teammate and another friend that can host a server. We simply could not get our cars to handle right and it was a pretty wasteful night. Yeah we made progress with the setup but it was still very unstable coming out of the corners. We definitely need more practice. I am already dreading this race here and we don’t have that race until 4 races into the season. Oh well gives me more time to work on my lines and the setup.