First Win

Well I finally got that elusive first win and I could not be happier. I caught a bunch of lucky breaks seeing that the 2 cars ahead of me got black flags. I ended up winning by 8 seconds at Okayama in the Mazda MX5.

All of this on a road course none the less. Normally I’m an oval guys but I might just become a road course ringer, but a good one, not like that douchbag Jacque Villeneuve.

Fast Track to Class B

I have only had iRacing for a short while now (a month maybe). I have worked my way up to a class b with a safety rating of 3.48. It is only a short matter of time until I get to Class A. Now time for some more racing.

New cars and tracks.

Since I have been fast promoted and am now a Class C, I have decided to buy Texas, the Chevy Silverado, and the IndyCar. I am excited to get this next week underway.

Fast Promotion and Good Race

Just raced in the World 600 Race at Charlotte. That was one grueling race. I am so exhausted. The race had 25 cautions and 26 lead changes. I ended up getting wrecked early by a moron. Came into the pits and fixed all my damage. I came back out 137 laps down in 21st place. Ended up running every single lap after that and moved up to 8th which is where I finished. With such a great finish I got my safety rating up to 4.99 which quick promoted me so now I am class d.

First Season Race on iRacing

Tonight marks the inaugural race at Race2Play on iRacing. We will be racing at Charlotte one of the toughest places to start at with the Cup car. The race will be broadcasted as well over on iPro Race TV. I am looking forward to this race and hope that everyone has enough seat time and knows what they are doing.

Check out the race over at

Look for me in the #3 Maximum Performance PC/ InsideSimRacing car.

Full Night of Racing

Well tonight I am going to race all night. I feel like racing a couple Daytona races, and a bunch of Street Stock. Still going for that first win. Lets get that!!!

Save by a Teammate

My awesome flip.

Something doesn’t look right here.

Something doesn’t look right here.

How did I manage to impale my car on the inside wall at Charlotte? 

How did I manage to impale my car on the inside wall at Charlotte? 

Damn rookies!!!

How are you suppose to get out of rookie class when all they do is try to wreck you? People need to learn how to drive or get the hell off iRacing and let us good people show you how to do it!!! I am so aggravated right now it is unbelievable!! 

Highest Place yet!

As of 10 minutes ago, I just got a podium. I came in 3rd in the street stock series in just 5 races in total. This game is starting to make me enjoy racing a whole lot more.

Testing in iRacing

I must say this is the most fun I have had in a while. Just getting use to it and I am already having a blast.

One Hour

I have one hour of downloads left -_- what to do with my time? I can’t think of anything….Damn it I just want to play already!!!

Just Bought It.

Looks like I am now a proud owner of iRacing…..Oh boy….its downloading now. This should be fun.